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Surrender In The Storm

In the midst of my hardest and most painful parenting moments, I always felt that I HAD to keep going. That I had no choice but to push through. That’s what I’d always been told, anyway. Yet, I’m learning that, when parenting brings you to your knees, stay there! DON’T get up. At least not right away. In that very moment when letting go feels like it will cause everything to come crashing down around you…let go.

The scary truth about faith is that it requires loosening our grip in those very moments when life is spiraling out of control. Those are the moments when our trust is tested. On that day when you finally feel like you’re going to break and you’re afraid that if you let the tears come, they’ll never stop…that’s the day to step out in faith and be weak. Lean into His strength. Take that raw, real suffering and lay it at the feet of Jesus and wait. Even when there are pressing issues…wait. Don’t get up yet.

When the storm is raining down on you and you can’t find your way through it, sometimes that’s when God asks you to stop searching for answers and to trust that He’s already got it figured out. When you’ve got nothing left to give, on your knees is the only place you’ll ever find what you need to keep moving forward. Let yourself fall so that He can pick you back up again.

If right now you’re feeling like you can’t even breathe, much less get up tomorrow and do this parenting thing all over again…I challenge you to bring your shattered self to The One who can put the pieces back together. Then, don’t just lay your burdens at His feet…leave them there. Instead of picking them all back up again and dragging yourself into tomorrow, dig deep and do the terrifying work of trusting that He will show up. That desperate, panicked prayer in the back of your mind, filled with questions you’ve been too afraid to ask…speak it out loud, if even in a whisper, and watch Him work. His answers may not look like you’re expecting and His timing may not seem ideal, but He is in control and He’s promised to never leave you or forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

There are times when the call to be brave doesn’t look like fighting a battle…it looks like surrender.



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