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Access To My Text Messages: The Reality Of A Special Needs Parent

Why am I always flooding your news feed with Autism Awareness or Anti-Bullying posts? Why be so annoying as to constantly talk about my children’s Special Needs, when your typically developing children obviously have needs as well? Because of THIS…

2018-08-10 15.03.21

This is the last text message I got from my husband. Messages like this, conversations and thoughts like this, are not passing “what ifs” in the lives of most special needs parents…this is our reality.

This is the fear. One of the millions of daily fears in the back of my mind.

Fear that the next person who makes fun of my child may wound her in a way there’s no coming back from; because I can’t make her understand why someone would hurt her, simply because she is who she is.

Fear that, within the very few moments that I’m not right by their side, someone will take advantage of my children in ways that I personally know can destroy them inside.

Fear that my son and daughter will know what it is to be the only ones not invited to play dates and birthday parties.

Fear that they won’t make a single friend who will stand by their side as they fight the battle that is their existence with Autism.

Fear that the weight of their internal chaos would leave them feeling so alone that they’d consider taking their own lives.

Why am I continually making seemingly pathetic or obnoxious pleas for acceptance and understanding on behalf of my children with Autism?

Because there’s no talk I can have with them that’ll change the way their mind works and make it easy for them to process the world around them.

Because so much of this journey leaves me feeling helpless; takes me to a place where all I can do is lay it all out before God and pray for mercy.

It’s because genuine kindness is so much harder to find than it should be…and because my child’s life could very well depend on it.

So, because I’ll never give up the fight…

PLEASE impress upon your children the incredible value of kindness. And, if you already have, do it again. Don’t assume they “know better” than to pick on or make fun of others. We all need a reminder from time to time. Have the tough conversations, let them ask the difficult questions. Never stop encouraging their love for those around them, regardless of differences.

Children with special needs are different…and so are children without them. Let’s pass on the truth to the next generation that different is exactly the way we were meant to be.

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